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April 7, 2005

Advert featuring the acropolis gets ok

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For most Greeks the Acropolis is seen as not just a national treasure in the way that we might perceive Stonehenge, but more like a religious monument who’s dignity is to be protected.


Acropolis advert gets green light

After four weeks of agonizing over the rights and wrongs of letting the Acropolis feature in a corporate advertising campaign, Greece’s top board of antiquities has OK’d the drive, charging a multinational electronics giant 7,043 euros for the service.

In a meeting late on Tuesday, the Culture Ministry’s Central Archaeological Council (KAS) gave the green light to the Greek branch of Philips to use images of the ancient citadel in print and TV adverts to be launched globally later this year.

The company provided equipment for the new lighting scheme adopted for the Acropolis ahead of the Olympics and has offered to do the same again, free of charge, for a monument of the ministry’s choice. This swayed several KAS members. Others, such as professor of architecture Haralambos Bouras, argued that Philips “is not a barbarous firm.”

But the director of the Athens Byzantine Museum, Dimitrios Constantios, voted against the campaign, claiming a favorable decision “will associate this major monument with advertising.”

KAS first discussed the controversial matter last month but postponed a ruling until, among others, ministry archaeologists could draw up a list of which monuments should not be used for such purposes. No mention was made of this list on Tuesday.

April 3, 2005

Progress on the construction of the New Acropolis Museum

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Despite earlier delays, construction on the site of the New Acropolis Museum is now progressing once more:


A bulldozer yesterday…

A bulldozer yesterday demolished buildings expropriated by the state on the central Athens plot destined to host the new Acropolis Museum. The museum — where Greece hopes to eventually exhibit the Elgin Collection of sculptures from the Parthenon, should the British Museum ever agree to return the fifth-century-BC works — is scheduled for completion by the end of next year, according to the latest government estimates. Initially, the building, in the Makriyianni area at the foot of the Acropolis, was supposed to have been ready in time for the August 2004 Olympic Games. However, it is still at the stage of pouring the foundations.

April 1, 2005

The return of Chinese cultural relics

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Zhang Yongnian appear to be continuing his quest to buy back China’s looted artworks – while he might be able to acquire more of the artworks using this method (at a cost) it is generally not acceptable ethically amongst Museum Professionals to deal with the situation in this way. However, if he wants to deal with the problem in this way & the Chinese government is happy with this approach then there is nothing in principle to stop them doing it. However, so far I have heard a lot of talk about it, but not seen much sign of artworks actually being returned as a result.

China Radio International

The Return Home of Chinese Cultural Relics
2005-3-30 14:08:46
Rescuing lost cultural relics from overseas has become a hot topic in recent times. Apart from the practicalities of securing the return of such artifacts, it’s also become time to discuss what this cultural reunification means to China, and to the world. Our reporter Shanshan will talk to some leading figures in the field of cultural relics and find out what progress is being made.
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