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February 1, 2007

Students protest over Parthenon marbles

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Three more articles in the international press of the students in Athens campaigning for the return of the Parthenon Sculptures.

BBC News

Last Updated: Tuesday, 30 January 2007, 16:26 GMT
Greek pupils demand Elgin Marbles

Greek schoolchildren have demonstrated at the Acropolis in Athens to demand that the UK returns marble sculptures taken by Lord Elgin 200 years ago.

Wearing orange jackets bearing campaign logos, about 2,000 pupils formed a human chain around the monument.
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Human chain to raise awareness for Parthenon Marbles

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More details on the human chain formed around the Acropolis to raise awareness of the issues surrounding the Elgin Marbles.


31 January 2007
Greeks children form human chain over lost marbles

Around 200 years after Greece lost the Elgin marbles, another campaign has been launched to get them back. Hundreds of schoolchildren linked arms around Athens’ famous Parthenon to demand their return. The missing sculptures were part of the temple.

“I strongly believe we can make a difference, of course there are some people that might be pessimistic but if we really believe in the cause I think we can make a difference.”, said one young protestor.
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