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May 4, 2007

Berlin’s dispute with Egypt over Nefertiti

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More coverage of the requests by Egypt for the return of the bust of Nefertiti to its country of origin.

The Etownian (Pensylvania, USA)

Egypt, Germany disagree over loaning of ancient artifacts
Aidan E. Bauernschmidt
Features Editor
Thursday May 03 2007

Egypt is famous for monuments such as the great pyramids and for its art, including colorful hieroglyphics and statues.

Many Egyptian artifacts are currently being housed abroad, however; and the country is asking to have them back.
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May 2, 2007

Is Nefertiti now more German than Egyptian?

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Words can not describe the bizarre grabbing at straws by Berlin’s Zeitung newspaper, that the bust of Nefertiti now belongs more to Germany than it does to Egypt.

EUX.TV (Netherlands)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 at 14:47
Subject: /Germany-Culture/Egypt/
FEATURE: Nefertiti now “more German” than Egyptian, Berliners claim
By Ernest Gill, dpa

Berlin (dpa) – Demands by Cairo for Berlin to hand over the famed bust of 18th Dynasty Queen Nefertiti have spawned a raging debate in Germany over whether the 3,300-year-old art treasure is not actually more of a Berliner than she is an Egyptian.

“The bust has been above ground and visible in Berlin for much longer than it ever was in Egypt,” said the Berliner Zeitung newspaper amid mounting calls by Cairo for the bust to be loaned out to its land of origin, if not actually given to Egypt permanently.
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May 1, 2007

Could Egyptian artefacts be returned as loans?

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More on the request by Egypt that artefacts from abroad are loaned back to the country. It remains to be seen if this revised policy has any more success than the previous outright demands for restitution did.

International Herald Tribune

Egypt will ask museums abroad to temporarily send back artifacts
The Associated Press
Published: April 29, 2007

CAIRO, Egypt: Egypt said Sunday it would ask museums abroad to temporarily send back some its most precious artifacts including the Rosetta Stone and bust of Nefertiti to be put on display here.

The country’s chief archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, said the Foreign Ministry would send letters this week to France, Germany, the United States and Great Britain requesting that the ancient artifacts be loaned temporarily to Egypt.
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Egypt requests that disputed artefacts are returned as temporary loans

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Egypt’s request for the restitution of many artefacts have now progressed to suggestions that they would also be willing to re-acquire the pieces as loans.

National Geographic News

Egypt Asks for Loans of Artifacts Held Abroad
John Roach
for National Geographic News
April 30, 2007

Egypt will request temporary loans of some of its most cherished artifacts currently on display at museums abroad, antiquities officials announced on Sunday.

The requested items include the famous bust of Nefertiti currently at the Altes Museum in Berlin, Germany, and the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum in London.
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