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September 29, 2022

A quick update

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What’s going on?

What has happened to Elginism?

People visiting this site may notice that I haven’t posted much recently. Mainly this is due to lack of time. To put together well reasoned blog posts takes quite a while.

It most definitely isn’t because my interest in this topic has waned.

Nowadays (at least until I find ways of manufacturing more time – or the something seismic happens), I’m generally focussing on social media posts as a way of quickly publicising the latest stories and snippets of info as well as assembling threads (only on twitter I’m afraid for those of you on other platforms) that tell a slightly longer story either about a news item of about the history / significance of aspects of the Acropolis / Parthenon.


Where I am posting stuff

You can find Elginism on the following social media platforms:

Twitter as @elginism

Facebook as Elginism

Instagram as @ParthenonMarbles (But you’ll miss out on many of the news stories there unfortunately due to its lack of ability to easily share links in a usable way)

Elginism is also on Pinterest, but this is updated less frequently and serves a slightly different purpose. At some point I’ll try and add something on Linkedin too.


Site issues

Finally, a few people have pointed out issues with this site recently and I’m working to get them fixed. Mostly they were due to plugins that were discontinued by their creators. In particular there was an issue with links within the site. Many older posts here had links to other posts on the site that no longer worked. Those should be fixed now – if you come across ones that still don’t work, please let me know (this only applies to links from pages on this site to other pages on this site – obviously I have no control what happens on other sites – one of the reasons I started this site originally was for this very reason: as an archive of information that might later be moved or removed).


Some recent updates

As I mentions before, there is a lot of recent stuff on twitter that is worth a look – even if you are not on the platform.

Here’s a few examples to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

New powers of restitution for UK Museums hidden in the 2022 Charities Act

The anniversary of the explosion at the Parthenon

What we know about the base of Doric columns

The Caryatids

The (thrice) disappearing temple of Athena Nike

The Frankish tower on the Acropolis (and how Athens grew in the 19th century)

The landscape around the Acropolis