June 28, 2006

Debevec’s Parthenon

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Computer graphics researcher Paul Debevec created an amazingly realistic visualisation of the Parthenon based on three-dimensional scans of the monument. The film which was made from this model was first shown at SIGGRAPH in 2004.
The film will be shown again at the 2006 Festival of Visual Effects.

Animation World Network

VES Festival to Highlight Shorts and Other Special Programs
June 28, 2006

The 2006 Festival of Visual Effects will feature a lineup of revolving showcases highlighting the creativity of digital visual effects artists from the earliest pioneers to the latest innovators. These four different programs will complement the previously announced schedule of panels and presentations being held at this year’s Festival, July 6-8, at the famed Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California. Each program will be scheduled at least once per day and will be shown at the Steven Spielberg Theatre at the Egyptian Theatre complex.

Visual Effects Society (VES) exec director Eric Roth noted: “…Seeing the short films we’re screening in a terrific room like the Spielberg Theatre is a rare opportunity and we’re expecting not only working professionals, but students and fans of film to take advantage of it.”

* “Animation World Network Presents,” a showcase of recent and new animated shorts, will include this year’s Oscar-nominated THE MYSTERIOUS GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORATIONS OF JASPER MORELLO from Australia. THE BOY WITH NO NAME (U.K.), FROG (U.S.), ONE D (Canada), THE MANTIS PARABLE (U.S.) and JONA/TOMBERRY (Netherlands) are among the other shorts in this collection.

* “New and Recent Works” will feature a showcase of short films, including Paul Debevec’s 2004 breathtaking THE PARTHENON; ONE RAT SHORT, Best in Show winner of the SIGGRAPH 2006 Computer Animation Festival; David Takemura’s GOOD BAD KARMA; and an impressive line-up of work submitted by the international computer graphics, animation and visual effects community in response to the VES’ call for submissions for this program.

* “Early and Experimental Showcase” is a survey of computer graphics and animation from the avant-garde and visual effects industry. This exciting program will include two pieces from Stan VanDerBeek, POEM FIELD NO. 2 (1966) and SYMMETRICKS (1972); PIXILLATION (1970), OLYMPIAD (1971) and UFOs (1971) by Lillian Schwartz, a visionary who pioneered the use of computers for what has since become known as computer-generated art and computer-aided art analysis; and XTACISM, the final film by the late Richard “Doc” Baily.

* THE STORY OF COMPUTER GRAPHICS, ACM SIGGRAPH’s landmark documentary on the history and influence of computer graphics, is a full-length film narrated by Leonard Nimoy and directed by Frank Foster. First shown in 1999, it is the “human” story of the pioneers that revolutionized visual communication, through a community with its own unique culture.

Admission to these four programs will be complimentary for full Festival and individual event ticket holders. A limited number of tickets restricted to the Spielberg Theatre Festival programming will also be available at the theater box office each day during the event. For full program listings and other information about tickets to these programs or any of the events at the 2006 Festival of Visual effects, please visit www.visualeffectssociety.com.

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  1. Emanuela said,

    09.04.13 at 10:05 am

    I’m Emanuela from VIEW Conference, the premiere international event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, 2D/3D Animation, Gaming and VFX. The Conference will take place in Turin, from the 15th to the 18th October 2013.

    I’m writing to you to announce that there’s a unique opportunity of taking a 6 hour workshop on “Lighting, Appearance, and Animation for Photoreal Digital Actors Appearance, and Animation for Photoreal Digital Actors ” with the image-based
    modelling and rendering techniques master Paul Debevec from the USC’s
    Institute for Creative Technologies.

    Paul Debevec leads the ICT Graphics Laboratory as Associate Director of Graphics Research at USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies. His work is focused on image-based modeling and rendering techniques with specializations in high dynamic range imaging, reflectance measurement, facial animation, and image-based lighting. Paul Debevec’s digital inventions have powered the breathtaking visual effects in films like The Matrix, Superman Returns, King Kong and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He serves as the Vice President of ACM SIGGRAPH and received a Scientific and Engineering Academy Award® in 2010 for his work on the Light Stage facial capture systems.

    For Wired (http://daily.wired.it/foto/2012/02/10/50-persone-cambiano-mondo-19876.html) Paul Debevec is one of the people who’s changing the world.

    Here some details on the workshop:

    Lighting, Appearance, and Animation for Photoreal Digital Actors

    Paul Debevec , Associate Director, Graphics Research – USC Institute for Creative Technologies

    Monday 14 October 9.30 – 17.00 | Centro Congressi Torino Incontra, via Nino Costa 8, Turin – Sala Giolitti| Session Length: 6 hours (excluding 1:30 lunch break)

    Price: 100 € students | 200 € professionals | 300 € companies

    Session structure:

    1. Lighting Reconstruction: Recording the Light where your ActorShould Go

    2. Facial Geometry and Texture Modeling

    3. Skin Appearance

    4. Facial Scan Processing

    5. Animation

    6. Case Studies

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