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Is locking the tourists out the best publicity for Greece as a tourist destination

Any workers should be entitled to strike if necessary. Greek State employees use this entitlement more often than most. They should however look though at whether the negative publicity created by their actions ends up being completely counterproductive to them in the long term. This argument applies equally to the ways in which a government handles such cases.

Kathimerini (English Edition) [1]

Tuesday July 17, 2007 – Archive
Locking the tourists out

Going on strike means abstaining from work. Unless we are talking about Greece. For here, it can also mean picketing outside the entrance to an archaeological site. Guards here do not just go on strike, which, after all, is their right. No, they prevent thousands of tourists from all over the world from visiting the Parthenon, a monument of global cultural heritage.

Sure, we must protect our ancient treasures. But this should not be undertaken by public sector employees, let alone the seasonally employed who seek permanent status. It could be entrusted to private firms, which would most probably be more economical and effective; firms that could also spare us the recurring summer embarrassment. A private company will either honor its contract or quit. It will never lock tourists out. The Culture Ministry must not be fettered by dogma. It must explore all the alternatives and protect Greece from future humiliation.