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Restoration of the Propylaea completed

Although the article title says that it is the Parthenon, it should say Propylaea – which still represents a hugej step forward in the overall Acropolis restoration programme [1].

Athens News Agency [2]

Parthenon restoration completed

Scaffolding will be removed from the Parthenon Facade during the next few days and visitors will be able to view the restored largest part of the marble roof with its friezes that made the monument, the work of the architect Mnisiklis, renowned in ancient times.

As is the case with the other monuments of the Acropolis, parts of the Facade monument were dismantled to enable the removal of rusty metal connections, as well as cement left from previous restoration work, and will be restored with titanium.

“Our aim is to restore the initial structural function of the monument and its initial dimensions,” said architect Tasos Tanoulas, who is in charge of the Facade work crew.