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Although I have affiliations with various pre-reunification (of the Parthenon Sculptures) organisations, this site is run directly by me, with no funding from outside organisations. I pay for the web hosting & spend large amounts of time locating, sorting through & explaining the relevance of the press articles that are collated here.

I am entirely happy producing the site for free use by anyone – I think that educating people about the issue is the key to making them understanding the importance of the case. I am also aware that many people regularly refer to this site to research cultural property restitution cases, in particularly that of the Elgin Marbles.

I am not asking for help from anyone, but if you have found this site useful & would like to help support it, I am providing a Pay Pal link below, as well as a link to my wishlist on Amazon of books relating to the issues discussed on this site. The same applies if you have used one of the WordPress plugins that I developed [1] for this site, which are released under the GPL.

Note that there is a separate page, that details how you can support one of the campaigns [2] for the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles.

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