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Change of times for Intelligence Squared Parthenon Marbles debate TV broadcast

The times for the broadcast on TV of Monday’s Intelligence Squared debate [1] over the return of the Parthenon Marbles have changed from what was originally indicated.

The new times (from BBC website [2]) are:

Recordings of the debate will be broadcast on BBC World News at 09:10 and 21:10 on 23 June, and 02:10 and 15:10 on 24 June. All times GMT.

For those of you in the UK, note that this is GMT, not BST. Furthermore, note that BBC World News is not available to watch online in USA, UK or Japan [3].

So – you can’t watch it on TV in the UK, unless you have foreign satellite TV already (not Sky, as they don’t carry it). A lot of countries in Europe broadcast BBC World News however – for more details see the BBC website page for the channel [3]. As far as I know, it will also be available on the Intelligence Squared Youtube channel after the TV broadcast date.