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Elgin Marbles discussed on Big Brother

Not a topic I’d have expected to be raised on that type of program – any mentions of it in different contexts though will help to raise the profile of the issue with people who might otherwise not have heard about it.

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Day 76 / Aug 13
Gerry talks about national pride
Day 75, 11:19 BST
By James Lee

Gerry talked with Jonty about national pride and patriotism last night.

The pair lay in the bedroom as they quizzed each other about their history knowledge. Gerry talked about how he thought the artifacts in the British Museum should be returned to the countries they were taken from.

He explained: “They belong to the people that created them… I love the British Museum, but without its history Greece is just another European country…. if you come from a small country in the Mediterranean you have to be more patriotic.”

Jonty looked at the cameras and joked: “We must be boring them. They’re desperately looking for other things to look at.”