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Elgin Marbles poll by the New Statesman

Following their article on the Parthenon Sculptures [1], the New Statesman asked visitors to their website to vote on the Question: Is it time to send the Elgin Marbles home?.

The results can no longer be seen, as the poll is replaced by a new one each week. When I looked at it just before it was replaced, the results suggested that 81.2% of people felt that it was time to return them. Along with the poll, people can post comments – what is interesting, is that in the comments for those that voted No, are the same misinformed arguments that seem to come up every time the issue is discussed – That they were purchased legitimately & that their return would lead to the emptying of the world’s museums.

The New Statesman [2]

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Last week we asked:
Is it time to send the Elgin Marbles home?

To retain them would perpetuate the view of the British as imperialistic plunderers. Keith Sayer

We should give them back as a matter of priority. We have plenty more things to loot from around the globe and we need to make space for them in our museums. Dave Singh

The Marbles are part of a world heritage. To return them would result in clamour for the return of relics and art from all over the world. Mike Soutar

They were stolen, and should be returned. Mike Green

It’s not as though they were some sort of souvenir bought from the Greeks. They are plunder, pure and simple. G Douglas Vaisey

They were bought by Lord Elgin and brought to the UK legitimately. They should continue to be held in London – by the legal owners. Why should they be returned? Alan Briggs

It would seem inconsistent to complain about the Taliban’s destruction of Buddhas and then not to repatriate Elgin’s finest. Rather than losing our marbles, it would be an act of pristine sanity. Stefan Hohmann