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Glasgow’s museums may benefit from return of the Marbles

Scotland’s Museums may be among institutions to benefit if a reciprocal loan agreement is made with Greece when the Elgin Marbles are returned.

Evening Times (Glasgow) [1]

Trade bid to return the Elgin Marbles
5th February 2004
Gordon Thomson

GLASGOW’S museums may be chosen to display priceless antiquities if a campaign to re-home the Elgin Marbles succeeds.

The news comes ahead of a campaign to return the ancient sculptures to Greece.

Marbles Reunited campaign director Peter Chegwyn, hopes to persuade the British Museum to allow the carvings to go on display at the New Museum of the Acropolis.

He is especially keen to see them in Greece as the Olympic Games will also return to Athens later this year.

Today Mr Chegwyn pledged that in exchange for the marbles: “Greece will loan other priceless Greek antiquities for display in the British Museum and other UK museums.”

And campaign colleague Tim Gomersall told how Scotland’s biggest city would benefit when he revealed: “Glasgow is very much at the top of our list of intended recipients.”

The marble carvings were hacked off by the Earl of Elgin in 1801who sold them to the British Museum for £35,000.