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Heidelberg resolution

Below is a translation of the actual text of the resolution detailing the return of a fragment of the Parthenon frieze [1] by to Greece by the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

Greek Embassy in London [2]

The Antiquities Collection of the University of Heidelberg contains a fragment from the relief of the Parthenon’s northern frieze. This fragment belongs together with other such fragments located in Athens. In the past, the university of Heidelberg has made it possible for such fragments of antique works of art belonging together to be reunited through exchanges with other museums in various countries.

In accordance with this practice, the rectorate decided to hand over this fragment of the Parthenon sculptures to Greece. This is done only because the donor university recognises the special importance of the Parthenon for the world’s cultural heritage and because it is motivated to promote the reunification of the sculptures belonging to the Parthenon, this unique monument to humanity’s civilisation. The rectorate considers this handover a special case that cannot be extended to other monuments or works of art.

In accordance with international practice in the field of reunification of works of art, the university of Heidelberg expects to receive in return from the Greek ministry of Culture another work of art to be included in its collection of antiquities. The director of the Institute for the Sciences of Antiquity Prof. Tonio Hoelsher, in collaboration with the vice-rector in charge of the legal department of the university Dr Angelos Chaniotis, is authorised to discuss procedural issues relating to this issue with the Greek Ministry of Culture.