November 15, 2011

Is the British Museum really willing to rent the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece?

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According to this article (I haven’t read the longer article that it refers to), the British Museum would be willing to “rent” the Elgin Marbles back to Greece. Whether or not they would in practise though is unlikely to be put to the test, as engaging in such an agreement would be unacceptable to the Greeks, as in many ways, it endorses the UK’s claims of ownership over the sculptures.

I have a feeling that any rental agreement would be full of so many pre-conditions that it would never be acceptable & would never go ahead – it seems that until such offers take a more palatable form, they are nothing but talk – the Museum knows that they will not be taken up on what they are saying.

Greek Reporter

British Museum Offer to “Rent” Parthenon Sculptures to Greece
Posted on 24 March 2011 by Anastasia Miskedaki

The British Museum is not willing to give back the Parthenon Sculptures to Greece, stated Neil Macgregor, the Museum’s director. But, Greece can rent them if it wants.

A two page tribute and an interview with Neil Macgregor is included in the Spectrum insert of The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. The museum’s director will offer the speech that he is going to give at the Art Gallery in Sydney, for the presentation of his new book.

Mr. Macgregor referring to the Parthenon sculptures issue stated: “The exhibition of the sculptures is meaningful when the sculptures are gathered all together…it is necessary that the best way is for everybody to be able to visit them as they cannot be embodied to the Parthenon.”

Even if the British Museum is willing to give Greece priority for the Sculptures’ rental, the Greeks will strongly deny their rental.

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