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Parthenon Marbes must be returned

A follow up by the Macedonia Press Agency to Neal Ascherson’s article [1] in the Observer.

Macedonian Press Agency [2]

MONDAY, 21 JUNE 2004
Thessaloniki, 21 June 2004 (14:17 UTC+2)

The exile of the Parthenon Marbles must end writes famous Scotch journalist and author Neal Ascherson in an article on the British newspaper “The Observer”.

He underlines that Britain has no arguments to confront Greece’s demand for the return of the Parthenon Marbles.

He mentions characteristically, “The row has been running for two centuries. The arguments for keeping the marbles in London change all the time, but the arguments for returning them stay much the same. In 1828, a Polish visitor to London, Krystyn Lach-Szyrma, wrote: “There [in Athens] everything had its reason for existence and meaning and formed one whole; here everything is in pieces, almost in ruins, without any sense or order. In a word, these remains brought to England are no longer what they were in Greece… where the common people, even through looking at them, developed their taste and perception.”