October 8, 2012

Your chance to buy a (fairly convincing) copy of the Parthenon Frieze

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Christies is auctioning plaster casts of various panels from the Parthenon Frieze. From the information given, it is unclear whether these are a first generation cast (or more probably a second or third generation cast) of the originals.

You can view more details on page 79 of the e-catalog for the auction (linked to from this page). There are also copies of some sculptures from the Acropolis that I noticed in the catalogue.

Country Life

Take a piece of the Parthenon home
Friday, 5 October 2012
Kate Green

Christie’s is selling more than 350 items from James Perkins’ collection at Aynhoe Park, including a piece from the Parthenon in Athens

Eclectic artefacts amassed on ‘a modern grand tour’ will be sold at Christie’s South Kensington on October 9, when James Perkins, owner of Aynhoe Park, sells more than 350 items to make room for more pieces in his constantly evolving collection. There’s everything from an armadillo-shell helmet (estimated at £600-£900) to a stuffed walrus head, plus furniture and photography, but pride of sale is the magnificent Classical plaster sculpture.

Mr Perkins’s fascination with sculpture began when he was 15 and saw a newly cast bust of Apollo being drawn from its mould in a restorer’s workshop in Cheltenham. He saved up his pocket money, and the bust became the first piece in his collection, which includes 12 sections from the Parthenon frieze, attributed to Brucciani & Co (£6,000-£9,000). Viewing days are at Aynhoe Park, Aynho, Oxfordshire, on October 5-8 (www.christies.com).

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  1. Elizabeth King said,

    10.18.18 at 7:25 pm

    Good evening, I am pleased to have found this website, although I do not know if you have any suggestions for me. I am trying to find a way to buy (ideally) ( or borrow if necessary) some casts of the Parthenon west frieze blocks for a museum exhibit in the US beginning next year (2019).

    Can you put me in touch with any organization that might be able to find copies/casts of some of the west frieze blocks of the Parthenon?

    Thank you!
    E. King

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