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A museum’s dialogue with antiquity

Feedback in the International Herald Tribune following Nicolai Ouroussoff’s article [1] on the New Acropolis Museum

International Herald Tribune [2]

Return the marbles
Published: November 2, 2007

Return the marbles

Feature articles by Nicolai Ouroussoff are always an exquisite reading pleasure.

In “A museum’s dialogue with antiquity” (Oct. 31) the reader is immediately overwhelmed by the amazing way with which the Swiss-born architect, Bernard Tschumi, succeeded in blending the new museum with the landscape of the Acropolis.

In this context, the sad story of the Elgin Marbles is so poignant that you cannot escape feeling that the sculptures should be returned to Greece as soon as possible.

Ouroussoff’s narrative may be the most convincing and telling piece of evidence in the case for returning this looted art. I hope his plea will be heard.

Andreas Steck Bottmingen, Switzerland

I commend Nicolai Ouroussoff for his superb article. It is rare that I come across an architectural review that conveys such a sense of life and emotion.

I can’t decide now if I must go see the museum or if I feel like I have already been there.

Joel Simon, Paris