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A new gallery for the Elgin Marbles?

Channel 4 News had a feature on the New Acropolis Museum, being built to (hopefully) house the Elgin Marbles when they are returned to Athens.

A video of the original report can be seen here [1].

Channel 4 News (UK) [2]

The New Acropolis Museum
Last Modified: 24 Nov 2007
By: Nicholas Glass

A new gallery is built in Athens to display the fabled Elgin marbles, but will the British Museum agree to send them home?

After decades of campaigning to bring home the Elgin Marbles – the Greek authorities have gambled on their return and built a new museum at the foot of the Acropolis, with a custom made gallery to display them.

The British Museum doesn’t agree with this plan, and still advocates displaying the marbles in London as part of what they call a “world context”.

The question of whether the Greek treasures should be in Greece remains as political as ever, as our Arts Correspondent Nicholas Glass found out in Athens.