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A new phase of restoration on the Acropolis

Following successful progress of the current restoration programme [1] on the Athenian acropolis, the decision has been made to undertake an additional phase of restoration work on the west facade of the building.

Agence France Presse [2]

Acropolis to undergo restoration from 2009
20 hours ago

ATHENS (AFP) — The world-famous Parthenon of the Athens Acropolis will undergo restoration work from 2009 that will see its western facade obscured by scaffolding for three years, officials said.

The work will mainly be focused on repairing damage caused by the Greek uprising against Ottoman rule in 1821, when the facade was damaged by around 700 bullet holes, architect Manolis Korres said.

The iconic western facade has also suffered from the ravages of humidity, which is three times higher than that experienced by the other facades because of its position in relation to the sun.

The Parthenon suffered damage as well in earthquakes in 1981 and 1999.

The decision to start a new programme of restoration was taken by the High Council of Archaeology which also decided, after some debate, to transport several of the facade’s friezes to the new Acropolis Museum for safe-keeping.

The pieces will be replaced by copies on the Parthenon itself.