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Dry run for transfer of artefacts to New Acropolis Museum next week

More details of the transfer of artefacts [1] to the New Acropolis Museum, planned to commence on the 14th October.

Athens News Agency [2]

Dry run for artifacts’ transfer to new Acropolis Museum next week

The Greek government on Wednesday announced that a dry run for the transfer of antiquities from the old museum atop the Acropolis to the new ultra-modern Acropolis Museum, several hundred metres below the hill on Makrygianni Street, will take place on Oct. 11.

“For all of us, our primary concern is the safe transfer of the artifacts,” Greek Culture Minister Mihalis Liapis said on Wednesday regarding the exercise, following an inspection of the conservation work and packaging of the exhibits, a process now entering the final stages.

Two of the massive cranes forming the crane-relay that will ferry the antiquities down from the fabled hill have been set up within the Dionysus theatre archaeological site — beneath the Acropolis’ south side — and on Tripodon Street, while a third will be erected over the next few days within the grounds of the new museum on Makrygianni Street.

Liapis said the government would take all measures necessary to minimise the inconvenience to passers-by and local residents on the Dionysiou Areopagitou pedestrian way, which skirts the entrance to the Acropolis and leads to the upscale district of Thissio, while the transfer of the antiquities was taking place.

The actual transfer of the antiquities is scheduled to begin on Oct. 14.