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Has Mary Beard changed her mind on the Marbles

Following comments on the New Acropolis Museum [1], various people have suggested that Mary Beard may have changed her mind on the Parthenon Marbles and is stepping down off the fence on the issue.

According to this piece in the Spectator (hardly an unbiased source on the Elgin Marbles issue) the answer is that nothing has changed.

The Spectator [2]

An expert in Athens
Tuesday, 8th July 2008

Mary “Marbles” Beard travels to Greece to view the new Acropolis Museum, and pronounces herself well impressed. But has the trip prompted a change of heart about the fate of Lord Elgin’s famous souvenirs? Not quite.

Given my generally positive reaction, did I think I should get off the fence about the return (or not) of the Elgin Marbles? Well, no . . . It’s going to be one of the world’s great museums, but for me the issue has never been about whether the sculpture was well looked after and displayed in Greece. So this doesn’t change the argument. For me, it’s going to be perfectly possible to love this wonderful new showcase for the Acropolis collection — and still not be sure whether the Elgin marbles should be “repatriated”.