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Images of the New Acropolis Museum

A selection of photo gallery articles that showcase the New Acropolis Museum [1] can be seen at the following websites.

Financial Times [2]

Slideshow: The new Acropolis Museum
Published: June 19 2009 15:12 | Last updated: June 19 2009 15:12

The new Acropolis Museum in Athens, containing the world’s finest collection of ancient Greek sculpture, opens to the public on Monday.

The Greek government hopes its opening will help revive an international campaign to bring back the Elgin marbles – sculptures from the Acropolis temples displayed in the British Museum in London.

The top-floor gallery replicates the exact dimensions of the Parthenon temple in order to display the Greek-owned section of frieze carved by Pheidias in the 5th century BC – next to copies of the half that remains in London.

New York Times [3]

The New Acropolis Museum
The New Acropolis Museum, which cost $200 million and sits near the base of the Acropolis with a direct view of the Parthenon, is one of the highest-profile cultural projects undertaken in Europe in this decade. It is scheduled to open on Saturday.

The new facility, 226,000 square feet of glass and concrete designed by the New York-based architect Bernard Tschumi, replaces the old Acropolis Museum, a small 1874 building tucked into the rock of the Acropolis next to the Parthenon.

There is also a slideshow on the BBC website [4].