July 15, 2005

Possible solution to problems with New Acropolis Musem

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Following the problems facing the New Acropolis Museum contractor outlined in many of the Greek papers on 12th July, these new articles suggest that solutions have been put forward & we will know the outcome of the situation fairly soon. (Any errors in the translation are my fault)


Solution to the problems with the New Acropolis Museum
14 July 2005

In the course of next week it is expected that a solution will be reached for the problem that has been created by the economic obligations of the company constructing the New Acropolis Museum

Following the articles in the press two days ago, where the cause of the three month delay to the work was outlined, the site was visited by the deputy minister of Culture P. Tatoulis and was given a “guided tour” of the foundations of the building by the chairman of the OANMA Dimitris Pandermalis. He then took part in a meeting of the Organisation for the Construction of the New Acropolis Museum. There he was informed, not only about the course of work, but also of a proposal that the contractor’s previous obligations (tax, national insurance) are removed from the previous contract works.

Mr Tatoulis characterised this proposal as constructive, while in a statement that was published later by the press office of the Ministry of Culture commented that “A viable & enterprising solution was proposed by the contractor & the organisation are studying alternative options that will cover all options.” Also “The Deputy minister asked the Administrative Council that any solution should provide pledges of absolute transparency with the use of public money.”

We have been informed by the organisation to expect further developments in the case during the next week.

ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΟΤΥΠΙΑ – 14/07/2005


Solution to problems with New Acropolis Museum expected shortly

It appears that a favourable solution will soon be reached with the case of the New Acropolis Museum & the economic problems that are facing its construction company.

This is because (According to an article in το Βήμα) in the coming week, the contractor is expected to submit their own enterprising proposal, to the economic issues that hav caused a three month delay to the development.

On Wednesday, the Deputy Minister of Culture, Petros Tatoulis, visited the building site of the New Museum & was informed by the OANMA chairman, Dimitris Pandermalis of the progress on the project.

Then Mr Tatoulis was shown around the parts of the mseum under construction & assisted in a meeting of the administrative council where the economic problems of the contractors were discussed.

The Deputy Minister assures that any solution to be put forward must be viable & provide complete transparency in its use of public money.

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