June 17, 2008

Stelios’s advert campaign

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Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s advertising campaign has now been published in a number of national newspapers in Britain. On his website, he has created a page dedicated to the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles. This also links to a copy of the actual advert, along with a photo of his new cruise ship with the words Reunite the Parthenon Marbles painted on the side.


Stelios steps into Parthenon Marbles debate with new, challenging ad campaign
posted: 16.06.08

Stelios Haji-Ioannou, founder of easyCruise, has announced the launch of a national advertising campaign to get the nation talking about one of the World’s most complex cultural debates.

From Monday 16th June, open letters from Stelios himself will appear in the national press, calling for the curators of the British Museum and the new Acropolis Museum in Athens to open up communications to find a mutually acceptable way to engage in a cultural exchange. Within the letter, Stelios says: “I think the time has come for the curators of the two museums to have a constructive dialogue about the Parthenon Marbles. Away from politics and name calling, I feel there is now a win-win solution for both museums in the form of a cultural exchange. Therefore, art lovers worldwide might get the once in a lifetime chance to see these masterpieces reunited.”

The debate is one of the most controversial of its time and is still prevalent today. Over 200 years ago nearly half of the sculptures from the Parthenon (the most iconic symbol of Greek civilisation) were brought to London. Arguments for and against the notion of reuniting the Marbles have raged for centuries but now that there is a brand new museum at the foot of the Acropolis, home of the Parthenon, those arguments are resurfacing.

The new campaign from easyCruise follows Stelios’ decision to paint the wording: “Reunite the Parthenon Marbles” on the side of its second ship easyCruise Life which is sailing throughout the Greek islands this summer. In October, easyCruise Life will also be operating a seven day ‘Classical Greece’ itinerary, which will take passengers on a cultural tour of Greece.

For more information on easyCruise visit www.easyCruise.com.

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