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The New Acropolis Museum should be more than just a building

Following the news that the bill for the foundation of the New Acropolis Museum [1] is being drafted, other people are starting to think about what exactly they want the museum to be.

Kathimerini (English edition) [2]

Saturday May 24, 2008 – Archive
New museum more than just a building

Organizers must make sure that the New Acropolis Museum does not get tainted by the chronic problems and sloppiness that traditionally dog Greece’s public sector.

The museum needs a modern operational framework and the freedom of extensive administrative independence. For one thing, opening times must suit the museum’s visitors, not the staff.

That said, we must welcome the fact that Culture Minister Michalis Liapis recently pledged that the new museum will have administrative and financial autonomy.

The ensuing debate should clarify the details of the draft law that was announced this week. Reactions from archaeologists were hasty and thoughtless.

The ministry and archaeologists must both shed their public sector mentality. They must realize that the new museum is much more than a building.

If it is to be flexible, it must be free of supervision – both from the ministry and other patrons.