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The New Acropolis Museum & the modernisation of Athens

More on whether the Art Deco buildings in front of the New Acropolis Museum site should be demolished or not [1].

Courrier International [2]

The new Acropolis Museum and the Modernisation of Athens

The management of the new Acropolis Museum, due to open in Athens by the end of 2008, has requested the destruction of an Art Deco building in the centre of Athens along with a building belonging to the Greek composer Vangelis, claiming these buildings are blocking the view. The writer Takis Theodoropoulos is outraged. “Modernity refuses to be tarnished by obstacles. These two buildings spoil the view from the new museum’s restaurant. A part of our contemporary history should thus, according to the Ministry of Culture, be effaced, to make room for the design of Bernard Tschumi [the museum’s architect] and please Japanese tourists. And to think that this museum was conceived to better value Antiquity! Since nothing is beyond modernity, why not shift the Parthenon a few metres…”
ta nea (Greece)