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Aborigines discuss return of human remains

Following many successes [1] in their requests to the Natural History Museum, Australian Aboriginal groups are now focusing their campaign on other museums in the UK.

Radio Australia [2]

Aborigines discuss return of remains
Last Updated 05/05/2007, 06:54:25

With the end in sight for negotiations over the return of Aboriginal remains from the British Natural History Museum, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre is now focussed on other British institutions holding ancestral remains.

The centre’s delegates say they’ve reached a draft agreement with the museum which they hope will be signed off in London on Tuesday.

Delegate, Caroline Spotswood, says they’ll be flying to Scotland next week to talk to the Scottish National Museum, and they’re also hoping to talk to Oxford and Cambridge Universities during the trip.

“Continuing the pressure that we’re not going to tolerate our ancestors remain on the other side of the world and that they should be brought home back to the community and laid to rest and their spirits are set free like we all deserve,” Ms Spotswood says.