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Beyond the Elgin Marbles – The Cultural Property Debate by Jennifer Neils at Kalmazoo Institute of Arts

Jennifer Neils, art historian & author of books on the Parthenon Marbles is giving a talk at Kalmazoo Institute of Arts today, on the issues that museums face when purchasing new artefacts for their collections.

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Buying Antiquities Can Be a Tricky Business
Kalamazoo Art League Presents: Beyond the Elgin Marbles – The Cultural Property Debate

Buying antiquities can be a tricky business, and more than a few museums have fallen victim to nefarious dealers selling stolen or counterfeit works. Even if an item has been authenticated and was legitimately acquired, museums have had to face stark opposition from art historians and the public who believe these precious works should remain in the country of their origin, or not displayed at all. Learn why its important to research, authenticate and purchase from reputable art dealers at this month’s Kalamazoo Art League Lecture: Beyond the Elgin Marbles: The Cultural Property Debate

One such infamous case of cultural property was the removal of the “Elgin Marbles,” a collection of classical Greek marble sculptures, inscriptions and architectural pieces that originally were part of the Parthenon and other buildings on the Acropolis of Athens. During the excavation and display at the British Museum, the Elgin Marbles suffered damage and deterioration. Today, there remains a contentious debate over the legality of the excavation and the morality of removing them from Greece to be displayed in England.

Jenifer Neils, the Ruth Coulter Heede Professor of Art History and Classics at Case Western Reserve University, will lead a lively talk about the cultural property debate. She will discuss how the Elgin Marbles is still a hot bed issue and will compare it with the current focus on the Cleveland Museum’s recent acquisition of antiquities from the Roman and Mayan eras.

Jenifer Neils holds her degrees from Princeton (Ph.D. and M.F.A.), Sydney University (M.A.) and Bryn Mawr College (A.B.). Her areas of specialization are Greek art and archaeology, classical Athens and the Parthenon, Greek vase painting, Etruscan art and archaeology, and cultural heritage issues. She has been the recipient of various awards and fellowships for her work, and she is the AIA’s 2011/2012 Joukowsky Lecturer.

This program will take place on Wednesday, November 14 at 10 am at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts. Admission is Free for Art League Members/$10 KIA Members/$12 general admission/$3 students with valid college ID.

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