February 23, 2008

Blogroll update

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During the last few weeks I’ve cleared out a lot of the dead links from the sidebar (shame on you Greek Ministry of Culture for breaking every single link when updating your website). I’ve also added a number of new sites & blogs that I’ve discovered in the last year.

I’ll try & summarise them in the order they appear.

In Other Information, I’ve added the Hellenic Society for Law & Archaeology, The Institute for Art & Law (I’m not sure why I hadn’t added them before), the Lawyers Committee for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage. A few of the other links have been updated to point to the correct location for sites that have moved.

In Relevant Blogs, there are a number of recent additions. Mary Beard’s Blog for The Times, A Don’s Life, often covers issues relating to cultural heritage. Cultural Heritage News has regular updates on all sorts of news relating to cultural heritage. The Illicit Cultural Property blog covers any issues relating to cultural property policy. I have already referred to Richard Lacayo’s excellent blog, Looking Around for Time Magazine, in many previous posts. Looting Matters covers the ethics surrounding the collecting of antiquities. SAFE Corner is a blog connected to the Saving Antiquities For Everyone, in the Similar Cases category. The Art Law Blog covers all issues where art & law coincide – many of which are relevant to the focus of Elginism. The Assemblage similarly covers the crossover between archaeology & politics. The History Blog also has interesting & relevant articles.

In Similar Cases, I’ve added the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centre & updated the link to the Illicit Antiquities Research Centre at Cambridge University, which sadly seems to have ceased operation, but their website still remains intact with a wealth of information available on it through the back issues of the publication – Culture Without Context.

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