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Blogroll update

During the last few weeks I’ve cleared out a lot of the dead links from the sidebar (shame on you Greek Ministry of Culture for breaking every single link when updating your website). I’ve also added a number of new sites & blogs that I’ve discovered in the last year.

I’ll try & summarise them in the order they appear.

In Other Information, I’ve added the Hellenic Society for Law & Archaeology [1], The Institute for Art & Law [2] (I’m not sure why I hadn’t added them before), the Lawyers Committee for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage [3]. A few of the other links have been updated to point to the correct location for sites that have moved.

In Relevant Blogs, there are a number of recent additions. Mary Beard’s Blog for The Times, A Don’s Life [4], often covers issues relating to cultural heritage. Cultural Heritage News [5] has regular updates on all sorts of news relating to cultural heritage. The Illicit Cultural Property [6] blog covers any issues relating to cultural property policy. I have already referred to Richard Lacayo’s excellent blog, Looking Around [7] for Time Magazine, in many previous posts. Looting Matters [8] covers the ethics surrounding the collecting of antiquities. SAFE Corner [9] is a blog connected to the Saving Antiquities For Everyone, in the Similar Cases category. The Art Law Blog [10] covers all issues where art & law coincide – many of which are relevant to the focus of Elginism. The Assemblage [11] similarly covers the crossover between archaeology & politics. The History Blog [12] also has interesting & relevant articles.

In Similar Cases, I’ve added the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centre [13] & updated the link to the Illicit Antiquities Research Centre [14] at Cambridge University, which sadly seems to have ceased operation, but their website still remains intact with a wealth of information available on it through the back issues of the publication – Culture Without Context.