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Date finalised for Cyrus Cylinder exhibit in Iran

After delay [1]s & discussions [2], the promised loan [3] by the British Museum of the Cyrus Cylinder looks like it is finally going to go ahead.

Press TV (Iran) [4]

Iran finalizes Cyrus Cylinder exhibit
Wed, 11 Nov 2009 10:47:13 GMT

After several months of negotiations with the British Museum in London, the Cyrus the Great Cylinder exhibit in Iran has been finalized for January 16, 2010.

The clay Cyrus Cylinder, which is currently housed at the British Museum in London, will be brought to Tehran in January, the head of Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) announced on Wednesday.

The Cyrus the Great Cylinder is inscribed in Babylonian cuneiform with an account by Cyrus II, king of Persia (559-530 BC) and is considered the world’s first charter of human rights.

“The cylinder will be brought to the Iranian capital on January, 16, 2010 and will be on public display for three months,” Hamid Baqaei said.

“A large audience awaits the exhibit to initiate. The organization expects the Iranians’ welcome to extend the timetable for another month,” he added.

The ancient cylinder was scheduled to be given to Iran on loan in September; however, the British Museum backed out of the agreement, citing Iran’s post-election unrest.

Tehran had earlier said that it would cease cooperation with the British Museum until the Cylinder was loaned to the National Museum of Iran.

After Iran’s ultimatum and its two-month deadline for London to loan the ancient clay cylinder to Iran, the British Museum sent a delegation to Tehran to review the deal.

Iran has assured the British side about the safety of the priceless artifact.