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Hungary offers to return looted artefacts to Greece

More details on the Hungarian offer to return a number of looted antiquities [1] to Greece.

Artinfo [2]

Hungary Offers to Return Looted Antiquities to Greece
Published: September 12, 2008

ATHENS—Hungary has offered to return a number of artifacts that were illegally exported from Greece, the Associated Press reports. The 22 pieces are currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.

Hungary’s foreign minister, Kinga Goncz, made the announcement yesterday after concluding talks in Athens with Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis. She said that Greek and Hungarian experts would convene to study the pieces and discuss which would be returned.

According to Goncz, Hungary bought the antiquities several years ago from a private owner. “It turned out in the last few months that some of them are for sure from excavations, from Greece, and… were illegally brought to Hungary,” she said.

Greece has lately intensified its efforts to reclaim looted antiquities. At the end of this month, the new Acropolis Museum will stage an exhibition of artifacts recently repatriated to Greece and Italy.

Greek Culture Minister Michalis Liapis said that Hungary’s offer to return artifacts sets “an example for the international community.”