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Norway gets permission to excavate and export the wreck of the Maud from Canada

Further to my previous post [1] about the wreck of Roald Amundsen’s ship in Canada, the Canadian Heritage [2] organisation has contacted me with updated information about this story.

Canadian Heritage [2]

At its meeting on March 15, 2012, the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board reviewed the decision to refuse the export permit for the Maud.

The Board makes decisions on appeals of refused export permits based on criteria of “outstanding significance and national importance,” as per section 11 of the Cultural Property Export and Import Act.

The Board issued the following statement:

“The Board was sensitive to both sides of the story of the Maud and appreciated all the relevant information presented by the expert examiner and the appellant, the Norwegian Embassy. The Board recognized the shared heritage of Canada, Norway and the world, and after careful consideration of the criteria under the Act, determined that an export permit will be granted for the Maud. ”

As a result of this decision, the export permit for the Maud will be issued by the Canada Border Services Agency at the request of the applicant.