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UCL to return all Aboriginal remains in their collection

Following requests by the Australian government, University College London has agreed not to perform any tests on Aboriginal remains before they are returned.

The Australian [1]

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London uni to return remains
January 30, 2007

INDIGENOUS Affairs Minister Mal Brough has applauded a decision by the University College London (UCL) to return to Australia all Aboriginal remains in its collection.

Mr Brough said UCL’s anatomy department had initially requested to do further research on the remains, but decided against it after asked not to by the Australian Government.

About 10 institutions in the UK, including the British Museum and the Natural History Museums, agreed to release the remains of all indigenous Australians to their communities after an agreement between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prime Minister John Howard in 2000.

About 1000 Indigenous remains have been repatriated to Australia since 1996.