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December 13, 2010

One day the New Acropolis Museum will help to reassemble the Parthenon

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Many museums have cafes or restaurants attached to them. In some cases the restaurant has become as much a destination as the museum itself. The restaurant at the New Acropolis Museum is arguably one of the best, with views to the Acropolis from its terrace, as well as good, reasonably priced food. It is one of the many ways that this museum breaks the mould in comparison to other state owned Greek Museums.


Reassembling the Parthenon
Nov 19, 2010

The best museums are those open in the evening. Funding is obviously an issue behind the reason why museums often share banking hours (which are admittedly more generous than a generation ago), but to walk around a gallery, with no large tourist groups and little noise, make for a great evening. Plus for large city museums, it offers folks to entertain clients or guests—and if there’s a decent restaurant, who would object to a night out amidst timeless art and antiquities.

The Acropolis Museum in Athens has mastered this approach. Built at a sum of 130 million euros, it opened last year and does not disappoint. The structure is brilliant: as you walk in, you see ruins of ancient Athens beneath you. As you enter, antiquities found from local excavation sites like the main hall. Go up a level, and sculptures are arranged in a breathless arrangement, and give you an idea of how majestic the Acropolis, and the Parthenon, must have been at their height.
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