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August 5, 2009

A one sided view of history – removing the iconoclasm from the video at the New Acropolis Museum

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The decision to cut out depictions of the iconoclasm from a video at the New Acropolis Museum has angered many people for its promotion of a one sided view of history. This is a situation not dis-similar to the British Museum’s attempts to re-write the history of the Parthenon Sculptures as an integral part of their own collection.

The Faster Times

Rewriting History at the Acropolis Museum
July 31, 2009 Nicole Itano

ATHENS, Greece — The none-too-subtle subtext behind the recent opening of Greece’s new Acropolis Museum was that the time had come for Britain to return the famous Parthenon, or Elgin, Marbles, which are still in display at the British Museum nearly 200 years after they were hacked from the famous building and hauled off to London by a British aristocrat.

But although the museum was designed to boost national pride, it recently found itself under attack from the country’s most powerful nationalist institution, the Greek Orthodox Church.
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