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February 7, 2011

Sir Henry Lionel Galway’s family and the aborted auction of the Idia mask from Benin

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A more in depth look at some of the issues stemming from the canceled auction by Sotheby’s of a disputed Queen Idia mask

Compass (Nigeria)

Galway family can’t sell what does not belong to them – Prince Akenzua
Friday, 07 January 2011 00:00 Emmanuel Agozino

In 1996 Prince Godfrey Eweka Akenzua II was appointed the leader of Benin Kingdom’s centenary anniversary of the 1897 invasion on Benin. Ever since, he has remained the arrowhead of the people’s global campaign for repartration of their looted artifacts, scattered around the world. Nigerian Compass’ Art Correspondent, EMMANUEL AGOZINO, visited Prince Akenzua’s palace in Benin City, Edo state and discussed the current development around the Sotheby’s proposed sale of Queen Idia Mask with him.

Prince, from your angle, what is the issue?
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December 4, 2009

Nefertiti in splendid isolation?

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Kwame Opoku looks at how the bust of Nefertiti, on display in Berlin’s Neues Museum, is in many ways isolated from its original context – showing that context is not just important for understanding large in-situ pieces such as the Parthenon Sculptures.

Modern Ghana

By Kwame Opoku, Dr.
Feature Article | Mon, 16 Nov 2009

“The history of the bust of Nefertiti shows very clearly how hollow it can sound when Germans and other Europeans refer to legal principles in relation to the “Third World.”
Gert von Paczensky and Herbert Ganslymayr (1)

The intensive and extensive publicity surrounding the re-opening of the Neues Museum in Berlin and the renewed demands by Zahi Hawass made it inevitable that all those interested in restitution of looted/stolen cultural objects would pay attention to the recent celebration of the renovated museum on the Museums Island in Berlin.(2)
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May 19, 2009

Why the Queen Idia Mask should be returned from the British Museum

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The Benin Bronzes were not the only artefact lost from the Kingdom of Benin to the British.

Modern Ghana

Artefacts: British Museum should return Queen Idia Mask
By Emmanuel Ajibulu

The western media would have been considered to be balanced and objective in their style of reporting if they have dealt with or exposed the unfortunate and age long incidence of theft, abridge of copyright and human rights law, invasion of piracy, massacre, etc, which the fore-fathers of African nations witnessed especially Nigeria. But they rather pride in writing about Nigeria and Africa within the context of corruption, violence, fraud, pestilence, insecurity, dishonesty, war, HIV/AIDS, diseases etc. Meanwhile the injustice done to Nigeria about 112 years back by the British imperialist was and is never in the news, at least to the best of my knowledge.
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