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January 24, 2013

Collecting the Parthenon – Talk by Dorothy King at the Wallace Collection

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Dorothy King is giving a talk at the Wallace Collection on 28th January, as part of their History of Collecting series of seminars.

The title is a little worrying – one hopes this isn’t the point at which she outlines that the marbles were just the start & now is the time to organise the the removal of rest of the Parthenon…

Wallace Collection

History of Collecting Seminars

Seminars in the History of Collecting Programme 2013. All lectures start at 17.30 in the Wallace Collection Lecture Theatre. Booking not required unless stated:

28th January: Dorothy King, Independent scholar, Collecting the Parthenon


February 1, 2011

At what stage will Britain consider the return of looted Ghanaian artefacts

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The Wallace Collection in London holds Asante regalia, that is discovered as the largest gold work from anywhere in Africa outside Egypt. This regalia was however taken, during the course of a British invasion in 1873. Cases such as this highlight that it is not just the larger museums in the UK that hold disputed artefacts, but also many of the smaller ones. One wonders whether if these smaller museums that are less heavily regulated were to agree to return some of the disputed items in their collections, then it would persuade the larger institutions to follow their example.

Modern Ghana

Author: Kwame Opoku, Dr.
Feature Article | Wed, 05 Jan 2011

A recent visit to London reminded me that apart from the British Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum many other museums in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom are still holding onto African cultural artefacts which, to put it very mildly, were removed from the continent under conditions and circumstances which can be considered as questionable. One such museum is the Wallace Collection, London. (2)

Once in the museum, our attention was drawn to the Asante golden trophy head and swords which are displayed in the Wallace Collection. This spectacular piece of the Asante regalia looted by the British has been described by Fagg as “the largest gold work known from Ashanti or indeed from anywhere in Africa outside Egypt”. (3)
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