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The Lego Acropolis at Sydney’s Nicholson Museum

Sydney’s Nicholson Museum [1] will be exhibiting a Lego reconstruction of the Athenian Acropolis on 6th – 7th July.

Timeout Sydney [2]

Lego Acropolis
06-07 Jul
Nicholson Museum’s next monumental (Lego) show

Having conquered the Lego Colosseum, the Nicholson Museum have engaged master builder Ryan McNaught (Australia’s only registered Lego builder) to recreate the 5th Century BC Acropolis of Athens, alongside the later Odeon of Herodes Atticus, a large stone amphitheatre built in 161AD. McNaught’s creations will be the centrepiece of this exhibition, which also features ancient Greek archaeological artefacts from the Nicholson Museum’s collection, including sculpture, pottery, and photographs of the Acropolis from the 1890s. There’s also (of course) a designated Lego construction site, for budding builders.

Lego Acropolis will open with a weekend of family activities, on July 6-7, during which visitors can handle ancient artefacts, meet an ancient Greek hoplite soldier, and explore Greek mythology, among other things.

Lego Acropolis details
Nicholson Museum
The University of Sydney
Manning Rd

Camperdown 2006

Telephone 02 9351 2274