November 29, 2006

“Marbles with Attitude” cartoons featured in Greek press

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I previously mentioned Lazaros Filippidis’s cartoons of the Elgin Marbles. They have now been featured in an article in Kathimerini.

Kathimerini (translation by Dimos Vlachos of Marbles Reunited

Animated ‘Marbles with an Attitude’, with sentiment and a webpage

A new website has been launched, dedicated to the reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures. At you will find a series of humorous cartoons, created by the group “Marbles with an Attitude”. On their web site, the marbles speak out and express their sentiments. We read of what the Centaurs and Lapiths desire, of how the Caryatid feels, or of how the Horse of Selene ponders his fate. The Caryatid of Erechtheio, for example, declares that she feels loneliness and longing in being away from her sisters, whereas the Centaur states that he suffers gloomily, as he is unable to run along the slopes of Olympus. The text accompanying photographs of the marbles is the inspiration of a Hellene, living and working abroad in Britain. “When I first visited the British Museum in London to view the marbles, I felt as if there was something that I had to do.”, says the thirty-six year old L. Filippidis, who works as a researcher at the University of Greenwich.
When visiting the links page of the website, one can find various links to other websites dedicated to the same cause. Here one can read of the official stance of the Greek government, on the “Reunification of the Sculptures”.
The first official activity of the group, Marbles with an Attitude, will commence on the 2 December at the main entrance of the British Museum. A small group of interested volunteers will be distributing flyers with the objective of highlighting the question of the reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures, to visitors of the museum and the general public alike.
Marbles with an Attitude invites all who may be interested in assisting in their goal to visit their website. Visitors to the site will not only become informed of the latest developments on the topic, but will have access to methods of contributing to the international effort of reunifying the Parthenon Marbles.

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