March 31, 2007

Parthenon Marbles to feature in new documentary on Athens

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A newly released documentary features the story of the Elgin Marbles.


March 30, 2007
The ‘Elgin Marbles’ Featured in New Documentary on Athens
NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Hemel Hempstead, Herts, United Kingdom, 03/30/2007 – The heavily debated “Elgin Marbles” are featured in a one hour documentary “Source of Ancient Pathways” newly released by Harvest Fields Commissioning International and OLI Productions.

The Greek Prime Minister, Kostas Maramanlis, as featured in CNN News, has expressed new desire that the Parthenon Marbles or “Elgin Marbles” be returned to Athens and exhibited in the new Acropolis Museum there. Currently housed in the British Museum in London and featured in the newly released documentary “Source of Ancient Pathways” the frieze has been the subject of much controversy. The fresh hopes of the Prime Minister follow the release of two artefacts previously held in the Getty Museum in the U.S.

Harvest Fields Commissioning International and OLI Productions have just completed the hour long documentary after extensive filming in Athens, Greece and in London and three years of post-production work on the colourful and insightful presentation. It features the ancient and modern history of Greece and examines the areas of art, philosophy, religion, athletics and politics. Interviews with the leaders of various inter-denominational organisations such as AMG International, Christians in Sport, the Greek Bible Institute, AGAPE International and the Athens Christian Centre giving insight into the struggles and joy of life working and surviving and Athens.

Harvest Fields Commissioning International is a U.K. Registered Charity with the purpose of assisting in raising up and encouraging leaders in 36 countries and on all 5 continents for work in churches, charities and other humanitarian assistance groups.

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