April 20, 2009

Philhellenism and International Solidarity Day

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More coverage of the celebration of Philhellenism and International Solidarity Day in Greece.

Athens News Agency

Philhellenism Day events

The celebration of Philhellenism and International Solidarity Day in the Greek Parliament, regularly observed on April 19 in compliance with a Presidential Decree signed last year, will this year be postponed until the following week so as not to coincide with the Orthodox Easter Sunday.

April 19 was proclaimed Philhellenism and International Solidarity Day at the initiative of Parliament President Dimitris Sioufas, commemorating the anniversary of the death of the famous poet and philhellene Lord Byron, a human rights advocate and among the first to voice opposition to the looting of the Parthenon Marbles by Lord Elgin.

A collector stamp will be issued within the framework of the scheduled events, while a special publication will feature the engraved figure of Lord Byron by artist Tassos, including texts on his participation in the Greek liberation struggle.

Lord Byron was a great philhellene and his early poetry had contributed to sensitizing the Europeans to the plight of Greece under the Ottoman Turks. In 1824, he joined the Greek liberation fighters at Messolonghi, where he died of malarial fever on April 19.

This year’s celebration coincides with the 200th anniversary of Lord Byron’s first visit to Greece.

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