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Promakhos – a movie about the Parthenon Marbles, Justice & Greece

John Vorhees is an US based lawyer who I have known for a number of years now as a campaigner for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Athens.

Last year, he introduced me to his sons John & Coerte, explaining that they intended to make a film about the reunification of the sculptures and were looking for actors to fill the lead roles.

Filming on the project started last month in Athens, for what promises to be a very interesting film, highlighting one approach that could be taken to handle the restitution of the sculptures.

Promotional image for the Promakhos movie [1]

Promotional image for the Promakhos movie

You can view the website for the film here [2]. For the most up to date information, follow the facebook page [3] that they have created for the film.

More information about the cast [4] is available on IMDB.

View the trailer for the movie in a separate later post I made here [5].