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See Greek Geordie comedian George Zach in London

I wrote a few months ago about George Zach AKA Greek Geordie [1]. He’s a comedian based in the UK, but originally from Greece, whose routine includes a great section about the Parthenon Marbles.

He is performing in London on 15th and 16th November at the Museum of Comedy.

Visit their website [2] to order tickets & find out more details.

Museum of Comedy [2]

George Zach – Greek Tragedy
Comedy – 15 Nov, 16 Nov at Museum of Comedy

George is a Greek comedian living in the UK. Has appeared in all of the biggest clubs in the UK, as well as on BBC1’s This Week (twice) and The One Show.

In the UK his mates say he’s too Greek, but he’s not Greek enough for his parents abroad; he’s trying to fit in in a world he believes to be more stupid than him. Also, he is dodging his national service.

The show had a sold out run at Melbourne International Comedy Festival before he did a full run at Edinburgh Festival, where last year he impressed on the CKP Lunchtime Showcase. He’s heading back to Australia in 2016; taking the show to Perth Fringe and back to Melbourne International Comedy Festival.