How you can help

There are various ways that an individual can help the campaigns for the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles.

Highlight the issue
The Elgin Marbles issue is likely to be dealt with once the British government realises that it is something that is not going to go away if you ignore it.
Writing to you MP is a good way to not only raise their awareness of the issue, but also to gauge whether or not they themselves support reunification. You can find our who you MP is at theyworkforyou.
If you are a British citizen outside the UK, then you could write to the British Embassy or High Comission (Commonwealth countries have High Commission’s) in the country where you are living.

Join Marbles Reunited
Marbles Reunited is a democratically run British Campaign governed by a charter. Anyone (British or not) who supports the campaign’s objectives can become a member upon payment of a nominal annual membership fee. Since the appointment of a Campaign Director, Marbles Reunited has become the major campaigning force in Britain & has already built up a strong base of supporters.
To find out more details, visit their website at

Support a local campaign
There are various organisations around the world pushing for the return of the marbles and in almost all cases. In most cases, they will always welcome donations of any sort, offers of specific expertise or help that you can give them. In many cases you can register as a supporter & will receive information about how the campaign is progressing etc.
In most cases, regional campaigns are members of the International Association for the Reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures & their website at provides the quickest way to find out if there is already a campaign in your country & how to get in touch with it.
The Greek Ministry of Culture also has a list of campaigns on their website.

Start a campaign
Some of the campaigns such as Marbles Reunited do not restrict membership to a specific country, although obviously it is not so easy to get fully involved with a campaign if you are situated remotely from its other members.
If you have the motivation & live in one of the countries that does not already have a national campaign & know of other reunification supporters, it may be worth trying to set up your own campaign. Campaigns would be particularly welcomed from Countries that have fragments of the Parthenon sculptures & have no national campaign, such as Denmark & Austria. If you are wanting to set up your own campaign though, talk to others first – in particular the campaigns already listed on this page – they will not only be able to advise you, but may also direct you to other groups of supporters within your country.

If you are involved with a large institution such as a university or Hellenic society, it may also be worth running your own mini campaign. Again, if you do this please let other campaigns know what you are doing, so that they can provide you with information & help you to publicise it.

Support Marbles Reunited on Facebook
If you are not able to commit to becoming a member of Marbles Reunited, members of Facebook can still express their support by joining the campaign’s associated Facebook Group which will help you to keep in touch with the progress of the campaign, with the aim that you may hopefully become a full member at a later point in time.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or queries that are not covered by the above items, please get in touch with me via the contact link on this site.