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British politicians tour New Acropolis Museum site

British MPs from the DCMS Select Committee [1] have been visiting Athens to find out more about the issues that Greece had when organising the Olympics. As part of this visit, they were also taken around the site of the New Acropolis Museum. Now there is less excuse than before for DCMS to be badly informed about Greece’s efforts to have the Parthenon Sculptures returned.

Athens News Agency [2]

MPs tour new Acropolis Museum site

Culture Minister George Voulgarakis on Thursday gave members of Parliament’s standing committee on cultural and educational affairs a guided tour of the under-construction Acropolis Museum site.

Voulgarakis stressed that the project is progressing as planned, with a completion date due this summer.

In a related development, MPs expressed concern over a warning issued by scientists a decade ago regarding the structural integrity of Acropolis Hill itself, which hosts the remnants of the Parthenon and other Classical-era structures. The deputies were assured that any problems will be dealt with by geologists.

Meanwhile, a study has been commissioned to ensure that the artifacts currently on display at the old museum atop the Acropolis will be safely transferred to the new museum, which lies across from the southern side of the Acropolis.