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New Acropolis Museum appeal ruling suspended

The delays & difficulties with the New Acropolis Museum continue. In this instance though, there is a small delay to the legal proceedings to allow time for the correct documents to be supplied.

Kathimerini (English Edition) [1]

Saturday January 3, 2004
In Brief

Court suspends ruling on appeal, asks for details of risk to antiquities

The Council of State yesterday suspended for six days its ruling on an appeal for a halt to the construction of the new Acropolis Museum, to give the Culture Ministry time to provide documents clarifying the risk to nearby antiquities. The court wants to know if a construction permit has been issued, if a contractor has been appointed and when works are due to begin in the part of the plot where antiquities have been found. The appeal has been lodged by the Greek branch of the International Council on Monuments and Sites and by residents of Makriyianni.