March 1, 2009

New Acropolis Museum Early Day Motion

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Labour MP Eddie O’Hara has tabled an Early Day Motion referencing the imminent opening of the New Acropolis Museum. Previous posts on EDMs explain the purpose of Early Day Motions.

Parliamentary Information Management Web Site

EDM 260
Early Day Motion

O’Hara, Edward

That this House notes the forthcoming opening of the new Acropolis Museum in Athens in the spring of 2009; congratulates the Greek government on the completion of a truly world-class new home for the treasures of the Acropolis hill; recognises the unique beauty of the top floor gallery of the museum, built to the same size and orientation as the Parthenon itself and designed specifically for the display of the surviving Parthenon sculptures as an artistic unit and in the best possible location and light with the Parthenon itself in full simultaneous view; regrets the fact that for as long as the surviving Parthenon sculptures are kept separately in the British Museum and in Greece they cannot be viewed in this optimum context; and calls on the Government to encourage and facilitate the opening of discussions between the British Museum and the Greek authorities with the purpose of the reunification of the Parthenon sculptures in Athens with responsibility for their display, curation and study being shared between the British Museum and the new Acropolis Museum in accordance with the best contemporary museum practice.

The following MPs have signed this EDM so far:

  1. O’Hara, Edward
  2. George, Andrew
  3. Gibson, Ian
  4. Sanders, Adrian
  5. McDonnell, John
  6. Dismore, Andrew
  7. Jones, Lynne
  8. Lepper, David
  9. Meale, Alan
  10. Battle, John
  11. Illsley, Eric
  12. McCafferty, Chris
  13. Caton, Martin
  14. Cook, Frank
  15. Corbyn, Jeremy
  16. Cryer, Ann
  17. Cummings, John
  18. Leech, John
  19. Simpson, Alan
  20. Moffatt, Laura
  21. Dobbin, Jim
  22. Hemming, John
  23. Williams, Hywel
  24. Laxton, Bob
  25. Ottaway, Richard
  26. Clelland, David
  27. Foster, Michael Jabez
  28. Prentice, Gordon
  29. Singh, Marsha
  30. Connarty, Michael
  31. Turner, Desmond
  32. Walley, Joan
  33. Wood, Mike
  34. Laws, David
  35. Etherington, Bill
  36. Stewart, Ian
  37. Cohen, Harry
  38. Austin, John
  39. Kilfoyle, Peter
  40. Opik, Lembit
  41. Vis, Rudi
  42. Goldsworthy, Julia
  43. Horwood, Martin
  44. Wright, Anthony D
  45. Clark, Katy
  46. Huhne, Chris
  47. Olner, Bill
  48. Bruce, Malcolm
  49. Galloway, George
  50. Owen, Albert
  51. Caborn, Richard
  52. Mason, John
  53. Ryan, Joan
  54. Lloyd, Tony
  55. Llwyd, Elfyn
  56. Hopkins, Kelvin
  57. McDonnell, Alasdair
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