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Summer full moon celebrated at Greek archaeological sites

The second full moon in August, was celebrated with late night, free opening of many of Greece’s archaeological sites – although, unfortunately, due to issues with overcrowding & people slipping on the rocks [1] in previous years, the Acropolis will not be open for the event.

Demotix [2]

August “Blue Moon” – Greece celebrates at 125 archaeological sites
September 1st, 2012 by Alexandros Michailidis
Alexandros Michailidis

The last day of summer brings an unique sky phenomenon of the August full moon, the so-called Blue Moon. The moon rises above the horizon to the delight of rational sky watchers and touch romantic souls.

However nobody should expect to see the full moon dipped in blue color. Tonight’s full moon will be silver or yellow depending on the weather conditions. Then “Blue Moon” is just an expression. Blue Moon refers to describe rare happenings: farmers used to call “Blue Moon” the forth full moon in a season (spring, summer, winter and fall) that has normally three full moons.

The full moon tonight is the second in August 2012, with the first to have occurred beginning of the month and the second on August 31st.

The next blue moon phenomenon will take place after nearly three years.

125 archaeological sites across the country will be open tonight to allow full moon lovers to enjoy the lunar beams turning ancient Greece into a magical spectacle. In at least 50 of them, there will be concerts and other artistic performances.

Only the Acropolis will remain closed to the public. For reasons of safety for the crowds of visitors