September 23, 2009

Tokapi Museum director calls for Parthenon Sculptures to be reunified in New Acropolis Museum

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On a visit to the New Acropolis Museum, the Tokapi Museum’s director Ilber Ortayli has stated that “There is no reason for the sculptures to remain in the British Museum and this is why you must continue your effort for their return,”

Athens News Agency

Topkapi director Ortayli tours New Acropolis Museum

The director of the famed Topkapi Museum of Istanbul, Ilber Ortayli, was given a grand tour of the New Acropolis Museum on Tuesday by the latter’s director, Prof. Dimitris Pantermalis.

Ortayli arrived in Greece within the framework of an international science conference that will be organised in Istanbul by the NGO “Aegean State” late next month, where Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew who will be the keynote speaker.

“From my visit to the Acropolis Museum, above all, I was impressed by its architecture for which I had been previously informed of. The style and technique of the museum are very close to the Enlightenment movement and highlight the recent findings of the Athenian Agora and the settlements around the museum in the best way possible … Due to comparison of the treasures found here and the treasures found in the British Museum, the so-called ‘Elgin Marbles’, one obtains a clear picture of what should be returned to Athens.

There is no reason for the sculptures to remain in the British Museum and this is why you must continue your effort for their return,” the noted Turkish scholar said.

After the tour of the museum, Athens Deputy Mayor Sophie Mytilinaiou-Daskalaki noted that the conference will be held annually, one year in Athens and one year in Istanbul, to promote the principles of civilisation and communication channels “between two civilisations through a common culture”.

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